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Old 09-13-2013, 07:01 PM
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Default The Path Ahead - The New Beginnings

It's been at least seven years since the last time Sir EastSport set foot on common grounds in the forgotten world. He always knew that one day he would be among the great warriors to be remembered, but he could never prove himself. As we walks to the world, he sees somewhat of a post apocalyptic atmosphere. The stench of decaying flesh coupled with the scorching heat and barren fields proves to be almost unbearable for the young Sir EastSport. As he ventures through the familiar, yet misunderstood lands he stumbles upon the fabled Or of Thralni which he'd always used in his quests for greatness. Although dusty, it seems to EastSport to be the only surviving artifact of the war that brewed while he was away.

"Ah it still fits snuggly in my undercoat as it always did. Oh how I missed this land and how I missed holding my orb. You know, you got me through many a battle, Thralni, and I never forgot about you." EastSport exclaims while he reaches and grabs the Orb of Thralni. As EastSport looks down, however, he sees some writing inscribed on what seems to be a tombstone buried under rubble just beneath where he found the OrbofThralni. As he begins to dig through the rubble, he is able to fully see the inscriptions. The tombstone reads: Here ... Here lies Sir ...reg Grishnak

After reading the inscription, EastSport feels a coldness go over his body and he falls to the ground and begins sobbing. The only one who bore the name Grishnak that EastSport knew was his friend Nazdreg Grishnak. EastSport was unaware that his good friend was no longer with him. As he slowing comes to grips with reality, he collects himself and begins to reminisce of the memories he had with his great friend! Among those memories were memories of the beautiful Dire Faery known to the world as Flame. Flame was always a great friend to EastSport as well. Oh the good times they all enjoyed together.

After a little more reminiscing, EastSport collects and places it in a safe place and continues on. Unsure of what or whom he will find, he remembers all the inspirational people in the Forgotten Worlds who may or may not have liked him, but who helped mold him into the person he is today.

"I hope I am not the only survivor in these lands anymore, Orb. I will continue to search for those I remember dearly." EastSport says.

After making his statement and without his knowing it, the Orb of Thralni begins glowing and Sir EastSport sets off to find his old friends.

Target\'s fighting spirit down. Calculating BP, SP, and DNN.

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