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Default Re: Roll Playing Profiles

name: Kitsune

age: 132

rank: A class demon

favorite smell: cotton candy

favorite smilie: :slap:

favorite color: purple

sidekick: Riehiko

oddity: 3 tails instead of 1

breed: half demon half foxling

dislikes: pointless stuff and having her tails shaved

favorite food: sweet snow

personality: distant

favorite weapons: claws and illusions

current residence: kaisand island

relatives: Riehiko- blood sister
Aquita- adopted sister

background- disowned and murdered by her foxling tribe at the age of 3 for being 3 times as powerful as a normal foxling kit was brought back to life by riehiko who turned kit into a half demon by giving up some of her blood. years later kit slained her former tibe and resided on kaisand island under the power of zan.
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