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Default Re: Roll Playing Profiles

Name: Squeeky


Looks: A Cute and fluffy Foxling

Personality: uhhhh Spunky

Fav Food: what ever Kaliska throws down for him to eat

Fav Color: Purple

Fav Smilie : :iws:

Fav Smell: Bacon

Likes: Fuffy kittens and cute puppies

Dislikes: Flying

Roll Playing Type: Funny

Side Kick: Squeeky Dee

Best Known For: Kaliska's Little Friend

Fav Weapons: Teeth and Claws

Fav Saying: Say Hello to my little friend

Background: not much is known about Squeeky The Name was given to him by the Dragon Queen Kaliska when he was born.His Father stood by Kaliska in the Great War with Jatu and he sees this as His Turn to Stand by Kaliska to fight a Greater Evil on the world.
[size=large]Walk Sexy And Carry A Big Sword[/size]