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Default Re: Roll Playing Profiles

Name: Kaliska


Looks: A Young Red Dragon With Sharp Teeth and Claws

Personality: uhhhh Evil Duhhh :axe:

Fav Food: Meat and anything still moving

Fav Color: Blood Red

Fav Smell: ...Blood and popcorn(what i like popcorn ;-))

Likes: long walks on the beach and fast food

Dislikes: Clowns,Demons and pitlords

Roll Playing Type: crazy and evil yet fun

Side Kick: Squeeky the foxling

Best Know For: Paths little girl,And helped Save the world from a demon and a pitlord

Fav Weapons: Teeth and Claws

Fav Saying: Nothing Scairs Me.. HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT!

Background: When Kaliska Was born she was smaller then the other dragons.Kaliska has an evil out look on life.She was sent away from the den at a young age to fight in the Elder Dragons Name, She has an Older Sister Evil Crimson and a Younger Brother Hawkeye
and many other brothers and sister that keep poping up
Her Mother is Damomma and her father is Pathfinder
[size=large]Walk Sexy And Carry A Big Sword[/size]