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Flame stood on the railing of her balconey and took a deep breath. I smell much death
in the air she thought to herself but it wasn't her kind or her allies that she could
tell at least. As she turned to hop of her balconey, carefully closing her wings in
close, she stopped, shut her eyes and took another deep breath. Suddenly her eyes snapped
open, glowing bright blue with her power. She started casting her invisibility spell,
sent out a quick mind link to her daughter Aria.

"I am leaving...on a hunt of sorts...I must insure someone's safety. I'm invisible and
I'll be safe. Do NOT tell Andir."

And with that she disappeared from Ky'rean, the Dire Faery kingdom.

Flame followed the smells and found the bodies first. She recognised the kingdoms of
thornfinger and his many minions laying scattered everywhere but not many quicklings or
trolls for that matter.

Flame kept moving stealthily thru the kingdom but didn't see much life and feared the
worst but knew she had to keep moving. As she entered the second floor of the castle,
she could swear she was hearing movement and talking but just couldn't find it. She
ran her hands along the walls,"Surely Kimmuriel had built in safe rooms and such"she
thought to herself.

As Flame slowly came in to the throne room she felt someone come up behind her and
quicker then she could throw out a spell, she had a knife to her throat and one to
her kidney. Flame stilled immediately, she couldn't take the chance of her wings
getting damaged, much less dying.

Suddenly, next to her ear she heard, in a soft voice, "You are not nearly as covert
as you think you are my dear but of course, only I can really see your shimmer, afterall,
I did teach you everything, now didn't I..."

Venit et Flamma sentio ...