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"Boss Boss!, we did like you ask and skittles be mean again."

It was the second time this month Smash came to see Kimmuriel and again he was covered in blood.

Kimmuriel knew what he was gonna say, but he let the Troll commander say his piece.

"Boss, like you ask, we gave a bit of our lands to tiny weak trolls and then make kingdom look all big and juicy.
We planted flags saying Luuuctoooor Ett Emergo all over the place.
Then skittles attack us again! he send his Knights to attack tiny trolls and take the land away."

"So we go ask skittles did he not see flags? flags all on the land he took. We think he be blind. "

"We not find skittles, but we find Knights, we kill them took land back and more more.

We go kill skittles now yes? war war and War!!?"

Kimmuriel smiled and then sighed.

"Go back to your kingdom Smash and wait there untill you hear from me. Don't attack anyone unless they attack you first".

"We will prepare for war, but we give this new guy one more chance.
I heard he has been corrupted by a new ally he has found. He turned his back on his old ally and has lost all sense of diplomacy. But maybe he will come to his senses."

Smash just stared at his master with a blank stare...
"We no kill"?
"no go home and no kill, yet. ."