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Default To Nazdreg Grishnak!

Thalia's Flame stood on the balconey looking up at the moon and stars. It had been a quiet few years. Narmir was seeing peace like it had never seen before. Races were working together and many enemies were putting aside old vendettas to ensure the well being of our world and lands. In the distance, the beating of wings could be heard and Thalia smiled softly to herself. Tho many things had changed, the one constant in her life was always the great blue dragon, Quickz. Thalia kept smiling up at the stars and soon she was joined by Quickz. She turned and stared at him. Over the past few years, Quickz and his companion, the ancient and mighty red dragon, Pure Damn Evil, had taken to using their humanoid forms. And as always, he stood proudly as a High Elf mage. His long silver hair gently blew in the wind and his blue eyes glowed brightly in the dark. He was tall for a High Elf and so stared down at her. Thalia looked away and sighed deeply. Quickz gently turned her back to him. He leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead.

Thalia sighed again and looked up at Quickz. "I'll be all right and it's time to join everyone."

Thalia turned and started to walk back to the large gathering she had left behind. As she entered the room, she looked around. She saw many good friends and allies. Acid sat to the left of her chair. There was Kimmuriel slowly walking the edge of the gathering, always on alert. She saw Khan and Steiny, Golgoth. There was Merlina and Queen Bee dancing. She thought she had seen Jarlaxle and Drow as well but you could never tell with those 2. S-Y BerserkeR was drinking his ale and listening to Masenka tell a story. Tristan the Drunken Irishman was doing what he did best, drinking. EastSport sat further back, just watching and
quietly chatting with grimace and Pandora. She has even seen dot amongst the crowd. And of course there was the Pixie, Snickers, and as usual, she was surrounded by her many admirers. Tharis and Happy were suppose to be here but they hadn't been spotted yet. Thalia was a little surprised she didn't see Lord Jester but who knew with the Clown. Finally, sitting on the other side of Acid was Malache. Thalia caught Mala's eyes and gave her a quick smile. So many had showed up, too many to list but all loved and appreciated.

Thalia and Quickz came up to the table and Thalia banged on the table with her fist. She did this numerous times until the room became quiet. She flexed her wings and stretched them out as she looked around the room. She could feel Quickz standing close to her and she took comfort in his dragon's heat.

"We've all come together to celebrate the extraordinary life of my brother and I can't thank you enough. Nazdreg Grishnak was a 1 in a million orc. He led many of us in to battle and to victory. He was a great strategist, warrior, teacher and confidant. Naz touched many of us. He was friends with many and had few enemies. He protected and loved his family. Everyone! Raise your glass! To the Greenskins!

Everyone responded with,"To the Greenskins!"

Thalia raised her glass again and yelled."To Nazdreg Grishnak!"

Hearing something behind her, The Queen of the Dire Faeries turned and saw Pure Damn Evil, also in his High Elf mage form, join them.

As she turned and bowed to Pure Damn Evil, Pure Damn Evil looked out amongst all the ppl gathered. A wicked grin crossed his face but all he did was raise his hand, setting off fireworks and say,"To Nazdreg Grishnak!"

Everyone in the room cheered loudly as Pure Damn Evil walked to Mala, leaning down, he grabbed her hand and laid a kiss on it. He softly whispered to her,"For Nazdreg and for the Dominion."

Thalia looked up at the fireworks going off and softly whispered in to the air,"I love and miss you my Brother. May you find peace and happiness."

Nazdreg Grishnak August 13, 1975 - August 19, 2012

Venit et Flamma sentio ...
Old 08-13-2018, 01:21 PM
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I miss you! Happy birthday and RIP. I tried so hard to write a new rp just for today but I'm too sad and couldn't come up with anything that was suitable so I'm sending my original post back to the top of forums. Enjoy everyone and have a blessed Monday.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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