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Old 09-17-2013, 08:19 AM
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Default Homecoming

the cold predawn misty dew still clinging to my coat.Grey morning is coming,i silently pad my way through war torn familiar grounds.An occasional lift of my nose to catch a haunting as if passing scent.Is the pack still here i ask.

There it is the rocky crag i once new as home.Broken rocks are all that remain.As I enter i am floored by memories.Where are my wolves now??Do they still hunt, do they still speak oF Grimace? Do they have pups and packs of their own?? Are they still willing to fight murder rape pillage and plunder as we once did?

No the den echoes of emptiness could they know of my demise. All the scars,the losses, my disappeareance because of my cursed birthright.the loss of my own pups and she wolf.No they could not know nor should they.I am now doomedto fight alone,to continue the bloodright of the savage wolves alone.

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