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Old 09-18-2013, 04:10 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

"Your Majesty, good to see you," fiddlegruff exclaims as he enters the chambers of skittles, "things are well at home I hope."

"Aww my old friend fiddlegruff, how nice it is to see you again as well. Come have a seat." skittles motions for a chair in the middle of the room.

"Thank you Your Majesty."

"Stop, the door is closed we can cut the formality. So what you brings you all this way my friend? The news is good I hope?"

"Aye it is, many battles have been waged this week. Surprising to us things went better than could have planned.. We have expanded our borders considerably. We move ever closer to our target."

"This is a relief old friend I knew I could count on you. What word of their commander have you come across this faerie upon a Dire Wolf steed? Rumor is she is a fearsome mage."

"We have sacked a couple of her allies, took everything we could so far, we have pushed them back into the inner circle of her kingdom. We lay in wait for another chance to strike."

"Good, we must recruit more if we are to take down the two largest armies Narmir has seen in a long time... We must grow our numbers."

"Yes, but, my men grow wary of the company you have us keep."

"what do you mean?"

"The vampires you have overseeing us at every move breed distrust in a few of my men. And to be honest they act like they are better than everyone else and just take whatever they like with no fear of retaliation as my men are scared you will come down us."

"Hmmm thank you for expressing your concerns I will certainly check into this my friend. That is not how we treat our allies."

"Thank you Your Majesty, it would greatly improve my morale i believe. Where should we go from here?"

"Gather and prepare for a counter attack, they will try to take their lands back, do not let them gain an inch. Now enough talk you have traveled far and long you need food and rest. I have prepared you a meal fit for a king, start getting used to it." skittles gives fiddlegruff a wink,"and some of the finest women from around the world are at your disposal. Enjoy, I have other matters to attend to. We shall talk again tomorrow, and devise a strategy of how to move forward tomorrow....

Bite or get Bitten

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