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Old 12-22-2017, 10:02 PM
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Default Ogre Rising

Bang turns on the spot, looking over the field of fallen ogres that littered the field around him. Stupid brutes. Harming things because they are too stupid to do anything else. He spits on the ground, a grey eye on his twisted face leering at the grass stained with ogre blood. Violence was an art. It needed to be fully understood. Those that lacked the intelligence to process it fully were not worthy to be on the giving end of it.

The half angry, half pained moan of a dying ogre to Bang's left gained his attention. Bang's feet tromped almost of their own accord over. He stops for a moment to look at the ogre, take full note of the thing's injuries. He sets a foot on the thing's head, then slowly applies more and more pressure until the thing's head bursts. He records the final scream in his mind to join with all the others he'd collected over the years. Bang had destroyed much. Had collected the deaths of many. Always storing, studying, learning. Now, the time had come for change.

From death could come life. The food chain was proof of this. Certain animals had to die to sustain others. Bang didn't care much for that - destroying and killing for fun was more his style. Over the long years of his magically extended life, he'd developed more and more refined methods of killing. Of destroying. It was time to create. To build. To shape something. He occasionally felt the presence of enemies and allies of old, but their auras were faint. As if they were only touching Narmir briefly.

Bang turns his head up and sniffs the air. What was that smell? Something... new. Something magical. Something... foreign. The dormant ogre in him wanted to traipse over and smash it, whatever it was. But the elevated part of his mind urged caution.

... to be continued...
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