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Old 09-16-2013, 02:26 AM
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Default War Again...

Flame stood up on the hill and looked down on all the destruction below her. As she growled softly to herself, she took a long slow lick of the blood off her hand and spit it out in disgust.

"Not clown blood, not Dire Faery blood and not ally
blood so who the HELL has dared to start war now!"

She looked back and noticed one of her wings still
had an arrow in it so she reached up in a rage,
pulled it out while cursing a carnie whore and
swearing revenge. Since she couldn't fly, then she'ld
have to ride.

Flame whistled loudly for her Dire Wolf mount, 420,
and when she saw him coming quickly towards her, she
tucked her wings in tight, ignoring the pain, and
readied herself to grab on as 420 ran by her.

420 turned sharply, making sure Flame was on his
back and headed back to Flame's Kingdom, where the
other wolves, Dire Faeries, elves and other creatures
had started to gather.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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Old 09-16-2013, 03:40 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

As he stares upon the carnage of rotting flesh with disgust skittles calls upon his advisor.

"How many?"
"Lord it is too early to tell yet, the bodies shall rise soon."

"What of the dark elves?"
"Sir they are still loyal to your cause but they failed in their attempts, many have died."

*raising his voice*"this is unacceptable do I need to find someone else to do your job for you? What of the elves and dwarves?"

*the advisor cowering in fear*"they too have suffered tremendous losses but we can rebuild sire."

skittles, "our numbers are insufficient, we have a lack of magical power. We need to stand back and rethink our stategy..." "How many other races are interested in join our cause."

advisor, "sir my messangers have reported we may have a small group of Hill Giants willing to support you, they realize the age of the vampire is upon us."

skittles, "This is good news, what word of the elves to the north?"

advisor,"They still have yet to choose a side sir, we need a decision soon what shall I do?"

skittles,"send troops to surround them lay seige if you must but let it be clear to them that we will not hesitate to take action if their loyalty lies elsewhere. Any word of their commander?"

advisor, "Our spies report that she rode off upon the back of a dire wolf sire."

skittles, "so we see the side the wolves have taken, let us hope they regret their decision, vampires will rise again, with me as their master, Iv lived 1000 years and seen the rise and fall many times, it is their time once again..."

advisor, "but sire the enemy has too many allies we need to recruit more races to our struggle, fear isnt working for all of them."

skittles,"nonsense then you are not pushing hard enough, I want to see better results once we regroup. GET ME ANSWERS NOW..."

advisor, "yes sire."

skittles, "now go, the light of day is upon us my messengers are unable to travel i want you to send your fastest elven messengers and get me answers as soon as you can... I must rest and prepare for moonlight once again.."

advisor, "yes sire, as you wish."

*skittles retires to to the commanders tent to draw a new stategy, talking to himself, "I swear if its the last thing i do ill exterminate every race that is not loyal to the vampire cause."

Bite or get Bitten
Old 09-16-2013, 05:37 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Bang Bang sat in a tree watching events unfold, petting a dolphin that had clearly been dead for weeks.

"Skippy, people are having a party and I wasn't invited. I'm kinda sad." The Ogre said, full of melancholy.

Bang Bang flung the dolphin over a limb and used it to zip glide down the tree quickly, landing with a thud on the soft earth below.

"That's just awful!" Bang Bang imitated a high pitched voice for his dead friend. "Who wouldn't invite such a pleasant Ogre to a party? That's just ridiculous!"

With a great sigh, Bang Bang threw the dolphin over a shoulder and walked out onto the field, oblivious to anyone watching or riding a Dire Wolf that might happen to be nearby. "At least you still love me, Skippy. You're the best friend and meal an Ogre could have."

With that, Bang Bang took a large bite out of the half rotten dolphin and trudged onto the field to look for survivors.
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Old 09-16-2013, 06:02 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Flame paced back and forth in her throne room, occassionally glancing at her right hand manKimmuriel and her daughter Aria. She could hear 420's low rumblings from Aria rubbing behind his ears.

"So, you're telling me this attack was led by a vampire lord?"

"Yes Mother", Aria sighed.

Flame stopped and stretched out her wings, ignoring the dull ache she felt from her injury.
She growled softly to herself.

"Everyone out except Kimmuriel, NOW! Even you 420."

Flame watched all her Sentinnels, her daughter and the King of the Dire Wolves leave her throne room quickly.

"Do we know anything about what's going on? Have we sent out any requests for help yet?"

Kimmuriel walked over to Flame and cast a calming spell on her.

"You need to get...this...whatever this is...under control. How will you lead everyone in to war and win if you're not level headed? I have sent a request to thornfinger, Hex Fireweb,Sin, Azha' Rei and EastSport. We should hear from them soon."

"And what about you my old friend? Are you going to sit back and watch? Your son is here with me, will you watch him fight?"

Flame watches Kimmuriel's face carefully and then sighs in exasperation and walks away.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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Old 09-16-2013, 07:04 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Tap tap tap... A unique sight it was, nothing compared. The rose red color blossomed with every ray of light that pierced the tree tops overhead. Every one that fell from it glowed like a meteor from the sky. The thirsty ground swallowing up each one as they crashed in the dirt. Tap tap tap... With the last drop, the sound like that of a light rain was silenced. As beautiful as it was, same as all beauty, it vanished with a single wipe. The silver glint emerged from behind the rose color as the cloth absorbed the blood off his sword. After one last view of the carnage just created, he began walking the direction his recent victims emerged....
Old 09-17-2013, 09:45 AM
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Default Re: War Again...

(The lean dark grey wolf with blue-tipped fur scents the air carefully,sensing a stirring)

"Hrm,appears there is stirring in this war torn blighted land once more" he says to noone in particular,thinking aloud, "I suppose it will be time to act soon..."

(getting up slowly,stretching...he yawns and licks his snout)

"well i suppose it comes down to sides... follow my "brethren" content to be pack animals,mounts, and beasts of burden?.... or revel in the slaking of an ever-present thirst for blood? now there's a difficult choice..."

(a throaty chuckle escapes him,sounding something more like a strangled growl,as he flicks his tail and sidles casually towards the stench of undead blight upon the land...)
Old 09-17-2013, 03:33 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Here! This the head of a funny clothes man that try sneak by our guards and do bad things at night!

A big troll was waving the head in front of Kimmuriel's face.

And when we done killing them, big horned monsters came, but we ask pointy heads for help and then they disappear again.

Pointy heads say skittles, we kill skittles now yes? Kill dead kill?

Kimmuriel nodded to the troll. Thank you Smash, for the information.

Go take any land nearby that belongs to skittles, kill anyone who resists.

After the troll left a messenger came in the tent.

Sir, Flame summons you for a meeting. You must meet her at once.

And so Kimmuriel went to the meeting and Flame read his face well.

After years and years of fighting with or against great leaders like Jarlaxle, Tharis, Happy or Drow and watching the whole world get burned to ashes by the endless slaughter Kimmuriel had lost his appetite for war.

He knew all too well the results of it.

And now Flame expected her 'right hand man' to help her with these new inexperienced commanders that got into power when the powers of old left the land of narmir?

No!, Kimmuriel thought, these people don't know real war. Let them fight eachother and let Flame realize Kimmuriel is nobody's right hand man.

Smash would have his fun and ravage skittles' lands once and that would be the end of it.
Old 09-17-2013, 04:40 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Flame watches Kimmuriel leave her throne room and summons Andir.

As Andir enters his mother's throne room he sees how
tired she looks. All she had really wanted to do was
rejoin The Flame and sleep but his sisters always
found a reason to make her stay.

"Yes Mother,"he said softly.

Flame turned slowly and looked at her beautiful son.
He was the only one that didn't have wings but that
didn't change his beauty any and actually helped him
in his specialty really. He could get in and out of
anything, much like his father. He kept his blazing
red hair long and braided in the Dire Faery way but
he had the aura of his father all over him.

Flame sighed again and walked towards her son. She
flexed her wings out of a nervous habit.

"Andir, Kimmuriel has left...he feels we should allow
this...vampire lord to march all over our people
without retribution. Azha' Rei has been hit and I
fear your sister Hex is not too far behind. We haven't
even heard from our allies thornfinger and EastSport
yet either. To make things worse, I have felt the
tremors of our oldest enemy, The Twisted Clowns,
coming to life again. Probably because of all the
bloodshed. There's even been sightings of Bang Bang
running around and I know not what his plans are!"
she exclaimed.

Andir looked at his mother in shock. No way could
Kimmuriel ever turn his back on her. She would follow
him in to hell and he had always thought he would do
the same.

"I will take his place Mother, it is time I prove
who I am. Wings or not, mixed blood or not, I am
still YOUR son."

Andir walked out of the room yelling for all Sentinnels,
generals and Queens to get their asses to the war room.
It was time to work.

Flame started laughing and thought to herself, "Poor
Kimmuriel, if only you could see."

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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Old 01-03-2018, 03:22 AM
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This was so fun. I Forgot all about this one.

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