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Old 06-13-2016, 03:42 AM
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Default Fix wont work for me

sorry if im posting in the wrong place but the help link on the main page is down it seems. anyhoo,i couldnt play on chrome i guess it doesnt support java anymore? (stupid) so then i got firefox but it says theres unsigned code in the applet and it has to be high or very high security certificate,or in exceptions list but i cant pout it in exceptions list because it has to then be a secure connection (https:// not http://) it even gives me an option to DONT BLOCK when i try to launch FWlaunch but it blocks it anyway! I put the policy file in my x86/Java/security/whatever where it goes (it overwrote the old one) but didnt seem to matter. I am running Windows 7 Home Professional or w/e..... any help would be appreciated,thanks.

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