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Default Bleu's Tips And Tricks for NEW players.

This is my first attempt at writing a help and tip guide,so only constructive criticism or useful info here,please. also note that punctuation and grammatical form are not something i concern myself with,so you should'nt either! these bits
are my best observations and what others in-game have told me,and the Narmir realm is a living,fluid thing that grows and changes often,so i make no expressed or implied guarantees to the Info herein. please use at your own risk!

Welcome to the world of Narmir! so happy you could join us! of course the first thing you're going to do (after reading the rules of course,which i STRONGLY advise) is wonder what race to play? there is no one race superior to the others,all have strengths and weaknesses. so to decide you need to consider what you want to do in the game,your style. will you build mighty armies and march on the kingdoms of all within your reach?(War) will you come like a thief
in the night,to steal away with the enemies' hard-earned gold and advanced research? perhaps gut their defense from within by assassinating all those shiny well-equipped fighters,so your rangers march in unhindered? (Covert)
Or... will you study the secrets of the Ancients,and unlock the mysteries of this world's very being,to channel energy into raw force and wreak chaos from afar with your devastating (Magic)? these are not the only things that come into play,as several races have other skills or qualities which make them unique,but as it will form the basis for how you play the game,that is where we'll start.Below
is a list of every Race,with a general overview and any special skills or qualities i know about each one:

Humans - your average race. literally. humans all around are not terribly bad at anything,but don't excel at anything either.humans can progress reasonably quickly in the game,getting 8 turns per hour,have fairly high study caps,and are best used to learn the other aspects of the game,until one feels comfortable with the mechanics and decides to play something more specialized. seriously,i
wouldn't play these guys expecting to top the rankings board! (tho it IS possible,in theory anyway)

Dire Wolves - definitely a "War" race,the DW's have little talent beyond combat.fighters are their best unit,and their engineers,researchers,and spellcasters are definitely sub-par. not considered terribly skilled in covert,either.But,with 10 turns/hr and their special ability,which causes rabies on the target of any successful attack (kills population and troops and ruins
morale) they are an excellent starter race for those planning to spend most of their turns marching on others' kingdoms.

Centaurs - i'm not super-familiar with these guys. what i CAN tell you is they have great rangers,which besides fighting alongside of fighters are used for the
"Search" function to find more land to build on,gold to spend,and (in a pinch) food to eat. from what little i do know of these guys,best chosen if you plan to
avoid getting in direct conflict with other players.(good luck with that.) and at 9 turns/hr,they grow fairly rapidly.

Cyclops - useless if opponent has a slingshot! j/k, these guys are War all the way and good at it! with some of the best fighters in the game,and respectable War Machines,and THREE attacks per turn,more than a match for most
opponents physically,which is good b/c at magic and covert theyre downright terrible! they also possess very good building ability,and at 6 turns/hr they are adequate pace to stay competetive.

Dark Elves - These guys are kewl... one of the "Night" races,they will perform much better in ALL aspects when you use their turns at night (6pm-6am CST) very versatile in ALL aspects,good to practice with and/or if you plan to do a bit
of everything,although their real strength is covert,and their special is they steal technology on every successful attack.combine that with their 10 turns/hr and
you have yourself a very fun kingdom to play.

Draconians - I'm sorry i really don't know alot about this race,as I have never played them. from what i've been told they are primarily a War race,with good economy. and with 6 turns/hr,still a decent speed.

Dwarves - miners of Old,these guys are GREAT builders.also have a good economy,and their War Machines are some of the fiercest in the game! which is good,b/c their magic is below average at best and they arent known for covert
ability so much. 8 turns/hr is very good too!

Ettins - another race im unfamiliar with personally. War race. has good fighters. 2 attacks per turn. dumb as rocks. 6 turns/hr. not recommended for beginners.

Faeries - good magic race. not recommended if you want to try to keep your land. (it IS possible but takes some skill) gets 11 turns/hr,making a very quick-growing race to play,one of the fastest in fact.

Foxlings - Covert race.excellent thieves. 11 turns/hr.

Ghouls - One of the undead races,presumed to be more powerful at night. being undead they don't need food (Yay! I can't accidentally starve myself!) has decent fighters,and fairly average all around elsewhere. 6 turns/hr

Gryphons - pretty awesome overall,think of them as "Humans+" above average in all areas,they excel at covert while still able warriors and spellcasters. attacks two times per turn,and gets 11 turns/hr. many experienced players swear by
these guys,so a very good choice if you're learning the game and dont intend to start over with something else once you're "in the swing of things"

High Elves - so these guys are absolutely awesome researchers and spellcasters,conversely they're less than impressive in war. eventually you can learn a spell to create orbs with your mana,and if you have orbs then High
Elves will use them to auto-counter with FIRE magic when attacked,regardless of win or loss. HE's get 10 turns/hr.

Hill Giants - These guys are juggernaughts. with excellent fighters and good War Machines,combined with 3 attacks per turn,a very military race.of course their economy leaves something to be desired,and they dont study/magic/covert
worth a hoot. that and their low turn count (4/hr) makes many unwilling to play them.

Kenders - these little guys are covert,tho they have decent military units and successful attacks also steal tech from the target.10 turns/hr.

Knight Templars - By no means the BEST warriors in the game,they still rank in their own right,with able fighters AND rangers.i've not been playing them long so unsure as to covert and magic capability or special skill (if any) gets 9

Minataurs - im not sure which type these guys are supposed to be,yet. with average fighters and decent War Machines,they may do ok in a fight. special ability is Maze,a nice trick that costs any attacker on you 2 of their turns,even if using covert instead of attacking! they get 7 turns/hr.

Ogres - these big uglies are monsters in battle! (I know,like i needed to tell you that) one of the most powerful military races,and another with 3 attacks per
turn,these guys have no other appreciable skills,b/c they don't need em! also gets 5 turns an hour,so quite an attractive choice over the more laggy 3-hitters.

Orcs - we be orky,dey be dorky. another Military race,these guys arent the "Best" but certainly capable of holding their own.not sure of specifics. gets 6 turns/hr.

Paladins - another somewhat unfamiliar race,Pallys are War all the way,although their magic seems to be at least decent. more effective when attacking or defending against undeads. (go figure) they get 8 turns/hr.

Quicklings - these little guys are pretty neat,NOT recommended for a direct assault,theyre troops leave much to be desired,but excellent covert and decent magic. also loots tech on a successful attack. gets 11 turns/hr.

Rakshasa - Believe to be a magic/covert race,as their troops ability isnt very impressive. gets 8 turns/hr.

Sprites - think of these as faerie shock troops. they have a notably more effective army,but as a result their training in magic is not as thorough so their spells arent near as potent as the faeries (but still effective nonetheless) they
get 11 turns/hr.

Swamp Shamblers - War race.good/great troops all around,not sure about their magic or covert. their special ability is to call Rain (similar to the spell)AND their army gets a little stronger with each bit of land they take! they get 6 turns/hr.

Trolls - War race,with good to excellent troops all around. gets 6 turns/hr.

Vampires - IMPORTANT: this is NOT twilight,if you try to take turns during the daytime,you will see what REALLY happens to vampires in daylight,and it isnt
pretty,nor conducive to the health of your kingdom. that being said they are primarily a war race,tho they also do fairly well at covert,and their spells arent the worst.requires food only for their population (which they feed on) not their troops. they get 2 attacks per turn,and once you have orbs you can use their special ability Blood Strike,which many would argue is the strongest special in
the game! on a successful attack,it causes your target to lose troops and population to turning into undead,which also thoroughly ruin your morale. beware the vampire's bite! they get 7 turns/hr.

Vikings - burn,rape,pillage. then celebrate over a mug of room-temp grog! that's the order of the day for these blokes,who are equally at home warring or being more sneaky (covert) they get 2 attacks per turn, and 9 turns/hr.

Werepanthers - War/Covert. being were-creatures,they are best utilized (and gain a boost) during the nighttime,as they are more vulnerable during the day. they get 9 turns/hr.

Werewolves - another nighttime race,they are a War race and a pretty good one at that.

Woodelves - a personal favorite woodies are a magic race. while not as powerful as say Highelves or Faeries,still capable of making an opponent cringe when he/she reads news reports and sees you've sent spells their way.also
capable as covert. they have some of the best rangers in the game,and get a fast start,as their special ability is getting 2 land searches per turn instead of one,up to 30,000 total land. they get 10 turns/hr.

Zombies - last but not least,these guys are undead also. that means they are best played at night,and require no food upkeep. decent fighting race. special ability is raising dead on the battle field. gets 6 turns/hr.

so ends this section, edits/corrections/additions Coming Soon!....

If you have a question or need more help,please ask in the game chat,or contact me via my info in profile,i'll be happy to do what i can!

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