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Old 09-18-2013, 05:10 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

"Your Majesty, good to see you," fiddlegruff exclaims as he enters the chambers of skittles, "things are well at home I hope."

"Aww my old friend fiddlegruff, how nice it is to see you again as well. Come have a seat." skittles motions for a chair in the middle of the room.

"Thank you Your Majesty."

"Stop, the door is closed we can cut the formality. So what you brings you all this way my friend? The news is good I hope?"

"Aye it is, many battles have been waged this week. Surprising to us things went better than could have planned.. We have expanded our borders considerably. We move ever closer to our target."

"This is a relief old friend I knew I could count on you. What word of their commander have you come across this faerie upon a Dire Wolf steed? Rumor is she is a fearsome mage."

"We have sacked a couple of her allies, took everything we could so far, we have pushed them back into the inner circle of her kingdom. We lay in wait for another chance to strike."

"Good, we must recruit more if we are to take down the two largest armies Narmir has seen in a long time... We must grow our numbers."

"Yes, but, my men grow wary of the company you have us keep."

"what do you mean?"

"The vampires you have overseeing us at every move breed distrust in a few of my men. And to be honest they act like they are better than everyone else and just take whatever they like with no fear of retaliation as my men are scared you will come down us."

"Hmmm thank you for expressing your concerns I will certainly check into this my friend. That is not how we treat our allies."

"Thank you Your Majesty, it would greatly improve my morale i believe. Where should we go from here?"

"Gather and prepare for a counter attack, they will try to take their lands back, do not let them gain an inch. Now enough talk you have traveled far and long you need food and rest. I have prepared you a meal fit for a king, start getting used to it." skittles gives fiddlegruff a wink,"and some of the finest women from around the world are at your disposal. Enjoy, I have other matters to attend to. We shall talk again tomorrow, and devise a strategy of how to move forward tomorrow....

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Old 09-18-2013, 06:10 PM
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Default Re: War Again...

Bang hissed and snapped his fingers. A deep, black smoke formed around his body, distorting not just the image of the Ogre, but reality itself around him. The chaotic magic that birthed him pulled him through an ether of nonexistence until he stood in his throne room.

Though he faced his throne made of bones, he knew that his special ogres were behind him. How? Well, let's just say that he had much experience in knowing who was behind him.

"Gentlemens," the Ogre said pleasantly. "There be a war out there and stuff. Not one, single person offered to even tweak my nipples out on the battlefield. Ski-" looking around, the Ogre noticed he left his animal companion behind. "Damnit, Ong Bong, you didn't remind me to bring my friend!"

Ong Bong, a massive ogre with way too many teeth, put the back of his hand to his forehead and feigned half a faint. "I'm sorry, M'Lord. I'm ever so terribly clumsy like that, heehee."

Rolling his eyes, Bang waved it off. "I can't stay mad at you. You're just too damn cute." Cradling his chin between his forefinger and thumb, he pondered for a minute. "Say, fellas... we should go talk to people about what's happening and stuff. Maybe we can party!"

Giggles and clapping erupted in the throne room.

"Alright then, who do we talk to first?" Bang climbed his bone throne and removed an innappropriately shapped sword. "I hear there's a vampire out there causing troubles. Let's go find him and see what he can tell us."
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Default Re: War Again...

As he sits cleaning his fur,a portal flickers into life at the back of his Den,a fraction of a second before a Grizzled Bronze Dragon bursts through it,panting heavily.

"My Lord Bleu! Bestla is in turmoil! a Guild war rages between the Holy and Separatist Camps,and ur expertise in our world is desperately needed!"

Before he can even contemplate it,a large young Wolf with grey/green fur rushes in...

"My Lord,something is afoot,the armies of thorn have joined the vampire camp,and our envoys have been expelled,i fear the worst!"
"It is something I had expected,and not the most important thing on my plate.... Have all our packs withdraw to the edges of our borders and hold position,until further orders,i have some other matters to attend to on other worlds,it would seem."
"Yes my Liege"

As the young wolf leaves Bleu begins chanting in a strange tongue,his powerful lupin form bulging and rippling,changing.... he rears up on his hind legs and growls,turning into a scream,as where the powerful Wolflord stood a moment ago,a handsome,comely elf drops to his knees in his place...

The bronze dragon flexes his wings,then scoops the unconscious elf up on his shoulders and dives back through the portal,which ripples shut and disappears behind him...
Old 09-20-2013, 12:43 AM
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Default Re: War Again...

As the day begins, EastSport enters his kingdom of old and sees it ravaged. The stench of death and the sight of what looks to be zombies are almost unbearable for the Centaur. He looks about and sees a message that had the familiar writings of the old Dire Faery Flame.

"A war is starting and we need your help"

EastSport picks up his beautiful master bow that he retrieved from his explorations in the past!

"I always knew we Centaurs were superior. It is just as the ones of old taught us. Without us, there is no competition."

EastSport sprints out in search of the Dire Faery.

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Default Re: War Again...

"Boss Boss!, we did like you ask and skittles be mean again."

It was the second time this month Smash came to see Kimmuriel and again he was covered in blood.

Kimmuriel knew what he was gonna say, but he let the Troll commander say his piece.

"Boss, like you ask, we gave a bit of our lands to tiny weak trolls and then make kingdom look all big and juicy.
We planted flags saying Luuuctoooor Ett Emergo all over the place.
Then skittles attack us again! he send his Knights to attack tiny trolls and take the land away."

"So we go ask skittles did he not see flags? flags all on the land he took. We think he be blind. "

"We not find skittles, but we find Knights, we kill them took land back and more more.

We go kill skittles now yes? war war and War!!?"

Kimmuriel smiled and then sighed.

"Go back to your kingdom Smash and wait there untill you hear from me. Don't attack anyone unless they attack you first".

"We will prepare for war, but we give this new guy one more chance.
I heard he has been corrupted by a new ally he has found. He turned his back on his old ally and has lost all sense of diplomacy. But maybe he will come to his senses."

Smash just stared at his master with a blank stare...
"We no kill"?
"no go home and no kill, yet. ."
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Default Re: War Again...

Flame kneeled at the base of her goddesses's statue. With her eyes closed and murmering
prayers softly to Aerdrie Faenya for success in her upcoming battles. She knew she
hadn't been at her best lately and only hoped the goddess would guide her. Suddenly there
was a loud crack and a hiss followed by the smell of smoke. Flame sighed to herself and
didn't even bother to turn around to look at the culprit.

"If you say anything about my ass being fat again Flame, I'm going to set yours on fire!"
she heard from behind her.

She couldn't help but giggle but seriously, a 100 foot dragon, DID have a fat ass, especially
compared to a little 4 foot Dire Faery after all and he HAD sat on her before...

"I would never say such a thing Quickz, now why have you decided to grace me with your
blueness in my santuary?"

"You must send some of your envoys to EastSport's kingdoms, I think they are gone. When
I was flying over them, I didn't see anyone and I mean not a soul, dead or alive. Also,
I've heard murmerings that Pixie has come back and that she is looking for you. You must
find her. You must also find out what Kimmuriel is doing. He looks to be getting ready for

"You talk too much for someone who refuses to join in on this war, you know that?"
Flame asked with exasperation heavy in her voice.

Quickz just laughed and blew smoke rings at her.

"Ok Smokey, that's enough of those. I have no idea what's up with Kimmurel, he left me,
I've put Andir in his place."

Quickz looked at her stunned. "Is that wise?"

"Is it not?", she asked, "Who better?"

"We shall see." Quickz muttered more to himself then anyone.

"I have already sent Aria and her contingent of Sentinnels to check on EastSport's lands
but I had not heard about my Pixie yet. She is now my #1 priority. Her knowledge and
magic just can't be allowed to fall in to that vampire's hands and worse, she can't be
allowed to be sullied by him, not MY Pixie."

Quickz grinned at Flame and then laughed.

"Always the possessive one...YOUR Pixie...YOUR Kimmuriel...YOUR blue dragon..."

"Ha ha ha, yeah and your fat ass!" and with that she took off straight out of the open


Next thing she saw was a fireball shoot past her head and she laughed. Maybe, just
maybe things would get better, afterall she thought as another fireball shot past her
almost catching her dress on fire.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...
Old 10-09-2013, 11:19 AM
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Default Re: War Again...

Swamp Shamblers, Vampires, Direwolves and even Kenders... Day after day different races invaded Kimmuriel's lands.
The dark elf had to relocate and rebuild almost daily.

When Kimmuriel had returned to the lands of Narmir, he was sure Narmir was ready for a new age. The time of bitter wars and mass destruction was over and the lands were ready for a more peaceful time. With most of the old powerful kingdoms gone, he expected the new leaders would listen to him, he even abandoned his old ally to show he was neutral, but for some reason the attacks never stopped.

Kimmuriel had sent countless messengers to skittles and thornfinger, until one night he realized the awful truth...
He had turned into that which he had always despised; an old commander talking about the good old days and trying to survive in the brutal world of Narmir simply by reputation alone.
In the past he had challenged these 'vets' and had often poked a hole in their air of invincibility and now it was this new guy thornfinger who was poking away.

And Kimmuriel couldn't even blame him, thornfinger had spent months training up his fighters and had a whole group of skilled commanders while Kimmuriel only had Smash with his group of trolls who could stand toe to toe with these seasoned fighters.
Why should he hold back, just because of some stories he heard about battles ages ago.

Kimmuriel shook his head, NO! no more holding back. No more diplomacy, anyone attacking Luctor et Emergo will get the fight they want and probably a bit more than that.

He knew his fighters still lacked in combat experience, but he would make up for it in other areas.
When he thought ahead of the death and destruction that would follow it brought a smile to his face.

A peacefull Narmir? no thanks..
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Default Re: War Again...

Flame stood on the railing of her balconey and took a deep breath. I smell much death
in the air she thought to herself but it wasn't her kind or her allies that she could
tell at least. As she turned to hop of her balconey, carefully closing her wings in
close, she stopped, shut her eyes and took another deep breath. Suddenly her eyes snapped
open, glowing bright blue with her power. She started casting her invisibility spell,
sent out a quick mind link to her daughter Aria.

"I am leaving...on a hunt of sorts...I must insure someone's safety. I'm invisible and
I'll be safe. Do NOT tell Andir."

And with that she disappeared from Ky'rean, the Dire Faery kingdom.

Flame followed the smells and found the bodies first. She recognised the kingdoms of
thornfinger and his many minions laying scattered everywhere but not many quicklings or
trolls for that matter.

Flame kept moving stealthily thru the kingdom but didn't see much life and feared the
worst but knew she had to keep moving. As she entered the second floor of the castle,
she could swear she was hearing movement and talking but just couldn't find it. She
ran her hands along the walls,"Surely Kimmuriel had built in safe rooms and such"she
thought to herself.

As Flame slowly came in to the throne room she felt someone come up behind her and
quicker then she could throw out a spell, she had a knife to her throat and one to
her kidney. Flame stilled immediately, she couldn't take the chance of her wings
getting damaged, much less dying.

Suddenly, next to her ear she heard, in a soft voice, "You are not nearly as covert
as you think you are my dear but of course, only I can really see your shimmer, afterall,
I did teach you everything, now didn't I..."

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Old 10-26-2013, 07:28 AM
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'Tho I probably should have taught you better not to keep me waiting' Kimmuriel said as he put his knives away. 'You missed all the fun now.'

'As we discussed earlier I'm not getting involved in your wars, however this thornfinger kinda pissed me off, I may have gone a bit overboard tho as you have probably noticed from all the dead bodies.
'Both thornfinger and skittles haven't been seen in weeks and their kingdoms lay in ruins, but at least I hope this time I got my point across.' Kimmuriel had a grin on his face when he said it.

He had immensely enjoyed the destruction his High Elves and Dark Elves had brought to his enemies kingdoms his only regret was that his enemies had given up so quickly.

So Flame, now is the time to build up, let your mages study their spellbook and let your fighters gather their strenght. I feel a new age is comming and we must be ready to face new challenges.
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This was so fun. I Forgot all about this one.

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