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"Please help... hurry" The voice cried from inside the vault.
Two knights started frantically looking for a way to open the door of this tomb. The voice slightly heard from inside sounded that of a child, a young boy's. They continued to try everything to get the door unlocked until their mage ordered them to hault. He stepped toward the two of them.
"That door is sealed by magic, I will be the only 1 of the three of us that can release the boy from within. But ask yourselves this.. why is a boy in the middle of a cemetary? Why is a boy sealed in a vault chained by spells of protection in the middle of this wretched cemetary?" Questioned the apprentice spellcaster.
"There is no telling, but questions are no concern at this moment of need. Dispell it now and save this child! Or taste the cold of my blade" Sir Edwin threatend....

to be continued... library times up :idn:

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