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As Reverand was falling he only had on thought on his mind before he hit the ground,'Did I leave the stove on today.' He then smashed into the ground between a group of 'people'. He had gotten up once and said something which he couldn't remember now and fell over again.

He got up a second time and brushed himself off. He then took a look at the 'people' around him. The Ghost Rider inside of him was getting a dark vibe off of these people, but not a evil type. Well maybe a little evil in one or two of them, but who was keeping count.

"Today I was hoping for a normal day, but no," Reverand started saying as he started ranting,"I drive around and then some strange mystical or paranormal or WHATEVER kinda of tornado it was grabbed me. The next thing I know I'm in the freaking dark version of the Land of Oz. Then some crazy evil looking guy sends me flying without even asking out of common curtesy. So I'm trying to be calm and all, which I must say is a little hard at the moment since I haven't had a beer all day. So can anyone tell me where the heck I'm at and what the HECK IS GOING ON?!"

The story goes he made a deal to save someone he loved. He\'d be normal during the day, but at night, in the presence of evil, the Rider takes over