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Kaliska layed in the sun licking the small spot from her run in with Graven.Deep down Kaliska knew she could take on Lily and whatever else soul could throw at her.

"I thought we said no magic Graven:-?" Graven looked at his robes and slaped the small fire on his arm " And i thought i said no Fire!" Kaliska laughed " but you look so cute all crispy"

Graven eyed Kaliska and headed back to the inn. " Wait! where are you going?" Graven sighed but kept walking " ive got to change.If you have'nt noticed there is a big hole on my back." Kaliska grined "i said sorry"

Talan shook his head and closed his eyes again and sighed "Play nice you two."

Peace was starting to settle into the small inn it had been days when soul and lily attacked.Yet everyone was still on edge. Things were quite..too quite and Kaliska felt uneasy about it all.
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