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As Elfangor sat underneath a nearby tree he was having a talk with his brother mentaly.
"Now Kian if it is how you say i should feel more powerful then ever but i feel the exact same as i did before we merged."
"Relax brother it'll all come to you."
Elfangor looked up to see Cerion hanging upside down looking at him.
"What is it?"
"Shadow was looking for you she told me to find you and bring you to her she had something to tell you."
Elfangor desmissed Cerion and started walking to where he felt Shadow to be,when Elfangor blinked by the time his eyes opened he was standing beside Shadow.
"Where did you come from Elf i didnt even feel u walk up."
"I dont know but i like it so what is it you wanted to tell me."
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