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A few days had passed since Elf had spoken to his brother. In that amount of time, Shadow had rarely left his side, determined to show him just how much she cared. Her brother had been very moody of late, and was keeping his distance from the other?s. ShadowLord rarely spoke to her now, but she knew he wasn?t angry with her.

Shadow had detached herself from Elf finally, and she could have sworn she saw a flicker of disappointment in his eyes. She was outside of the Inn, and she watched the shadow of Kaliska change while Talan put on her dragon armor. ?Ah yes, I remember that battle. Celeste was in that fight with Jatu. I hope she is well.?

Turning away from looking at the window, Shadow stood silently for a few seconds. She could have sworn that she had heard a growl. And it didn?t sound like a vampire growl. Freezing, she felt the same aura that was Kaliska?s, but it reeked of SoulStealer. ?I wonder why they call him that. It?s not like he steals souls.? Starting towards the direction of the aura, she let out a cry of surprise as Niran jumped in her face and growled at her. (Lol. Kaliska knows what it sound like. :P) ?Niran, I?m just going to check. If anything happens, you know Elf will come for me.? She patted the bunny, and moved past it into the trees.

She was hit with an awful sent of death and the addictive one of blood. Her eyes unfocused, briefly, and she shook her head. ?You don?t like it?? Whipping around, Shadow came face to face with SoulStealer, and behind him, a dragon. And this one wasn?t Kaliska.

?No. I don?t like it SoulStealer.? ?Pity. It was specially slaughtered for you.? The dragon let out a growl of laughter and Soul threw a decapitated body at Shadow?s feet. Shadow never took her eyes away from Soul. ?I know what your thinking SoulStealer. It?s nice to know your thinking about me.? A small smile graced her features as Soul?s eyes widened slightly. ?Oh, you didn?t think I?d be able to hear your thoughts? A pity. I thought you were smarter than that.? Soul hissed, ?Forgive me, I wasn?t exactly expecting you to be in my mind.?

Shadow hissed as pain rushed through her mind, and she immediately threw up barriers to block him out. Soul had thrown up barrier to keep her out, while he probed her mind for information. ?Lily. I?m tiring of her. As much as I love you, Shadow, I would prefer to have you at my side as a weakened shell.? He smiled, and Shadow laughed and eerie, hollow, laugh. ?Soul, are you trying to tell me..? She trailed off, tossing her head back and laughing harder than ever before. ?Oh! This is too much. Whatever. Throw your dragon at me, SoulStealer. And watch her fall. But, I?m sure you don?t care.?

Grinning wickedly, she ducked as a huge shadow rushed over her and slammed into Lily. Soul watched as the shadow turned into Kaliska. Kaliska and Lily tumbled, screaming their rage at eachother. ?Perhaps, you didn?t think this through?? Shadow started to circle Soul, and he watched her calmly. ?Think about this Shadow! Together we can control this pathetic realm.? She shook her head, sensing Talan, Cerion, and Elf behind her. ?That?s what we can do together, imagine what I can do alone!?

A bolt of white lightning ripped itself from her hand, flying towards Soul who dodged. It struck Lily, who let out a scream, knocked Kaliska off of her, and leaped to the sky, hovering for a moment to allow Soul upon her back.

Shadow narrowed her eyes, and jogged over to Kaliska, quickly healing her open wounds. ?I could have handled it, Kaliska.? ?While rightfully you and ShadowLord are the only two who should have a fight with Soul out of all of us, Lily is mine to fight.?