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'Tho I probably should have taught you better not to keep me waiting' Kimmuriel said as he put his knives away. 'You missed all the fun now.'

'As we discussed earlier I'm not getting involved in your wars, however this thornfinger kinda pissed me off, I may have gone a bit overboard tho as you have probably noticed from all the dead bodies.
'Both thornfinger and skittles haven't been seen in weeks and their kingdoms lay in ruins, but at least I hope this time I got my point across.' Kimmuriel had a grin on his face when he said it.

He had immensely enjoyed the destruction his High Elves and Dark Elves had brought to his enemies kingdoms his only regret was that his enemies had given up so quickly.

So Flame, now is the time to build up, let your mages study their spellbook and let your fighters gather their strenght. I feel a new age is comming and we must be ready to face new challenges.