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Here! This the head of a funny clothes man that try sneak by our guards and do bad things at night!

A big troll was waving the head in front of Kimmuriel's face.

And when we done killing them, big horned monsters came, but we ask pointy heads for help and then they disappear again.

Pointy heads say skittles, we kill skittles now yes? Kill dead kill?

Kimmuriel nodded to the troll. Thank you Smash, for the information.

Go take any land nearby that belongs to skittles, kill anyone who resists.

After the troll left a messenger came in the tent.

Sir, Flame summons you for a meeting. You must meet her at once.

And so Kimmuriel went to the meeting and Flame read his face well.

After years and years of fighting with or against great leaders like Jarlaxle, Tharis, Happy or Drow and watching the whole world get burned to ashes by the endless slaughter Kimmuriel had lost his appetite for war.

He knew all too well the results of it.

And now Flame expected her 'right hand man' to help her with these new inexperienced commanders that got into power when the powers of old left the land of narmir?

No!, Kimmuriel thought, these people don't know real war. Let them fight eachother and let Flame realize Kimmuriel is nobody's right hand man.

Smash would have his fun and ravage skittles' lands once and that would be the end of it.