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Flame paced back and forth in her throne room, occassionally glancing at her right hand manKimmuriel and her daughter Aria. She could hear 420's low rumblings from Aria rubbing behind his ears.

"So, you're telling me this attack was led by a vampire lord?"

"Yes Mother", Aria sighed.

Flame stopped and stretched out her wings, ignoring the dull ache she felt from her injury.
She growled softly to herself.

"Everyone out except Kimmuriel, NOW! Even you 420."

Flame watched all her Sentinnels, her daughter and the King of the Dire Wolves leave her throne room quickly.

"Do we know anything about what's going on? Have we sent out any requests for help yet?"

Kimmuriel walked over to Flame and cast a calming spell on her.

"You need to get...this...whatever this is...under control. How will you lead everyone in to war and win if you're not level headed? I have sent a request to thornfinger, Hex Fireweb,Sin, Azha' Rei and EastSport. We should hear from them soon."

"And what about you my old friend? Are you going to sit back and watch? Your son is here with me, will you watch him fight?"

Flame watches Kimmuriel's face carefully and then sighs in exasperation and walks away.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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