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Bang Bang sat in a tree watching events unfold, petting a dolphin that had clearly been dead for weeks.

"Skippy, people are having a party and I wasn't invited. I'm kinda sad." The Ogre said, full of melancholy.

Bang Bang flung the dolphin over a limb and used it to zip glide down the tree quickly, landing with a thud on the soft earth below.

"That's just awful!" Bang Bang imitated a high pitched voice for his dead friend. "Who wouldn't invite such a pleasant Ogre to a party? That's just ridiculous!"

With a great sigh, Bang Bang threw the dolphin over a shoulder and walked out onto the field, oblivious to anyone watching or riding a Dire Wolf that might happen to be nearby. "At least you still love me, Skippy. You're the best friend and meal an Ogre could have."

With that, Bang Bang took a large bite out of the half rotten dolphin and trudged onto the field to look for survivors.
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