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As he stares upon the carnage of rotting flesh with disgust skittles calls upon his advisor.

"How many?"
"Lord it is too early to tell yet, the bodies shall rise soon."

"What of the dark elves?"
"Sir they are still loyal to your cause but they failed in their attempts, many have died."

*raising his voice*"this is unacceptable do I need to find someone else to do your job for you? What of the elves and dwarves?"

*the advisor cowering in fear*"they too have suffered tremendous losses but we can rebuild sire."

skittles, "our numbers are insufficient, we have a lack of magical power. We need to stand back and rethink our stategy..." "How many other races are interested in join our cause."

advisor, "sir my messangers have reported we may have a small group of Hill Giants willing to support you, they realize the age of the vampire is upon us."

skittles, "This is good news, what word of the elves to the north?"

advisor,"They still have yet to choose a side sir, we need a decision soon what shall I do?"

skittles,"send troops to surround them lay seige if you must but let it be clear to them that we will not hesitate to take action if their loyalty lies elsewhere. Any word of their commander?"

advisor, "Our spies report that she rode off upon the back of a dire wolf sire."

skittles, "so we see the side the wolves have taken, let us hope they regret their decision, vampires will rise again, with me as their master, Iv lived 1000 years and seen the rise and fall many times, it is their time once again..."

advisor, "but sire the enemy has too many allies we need to recruit more races to our struggle, fear isnt working for all of them."

skittles,"nonsense then you are not pushing hard enough, I want to see better results once we regroup. GET ME ANSWERS NOW..."

advisor, "yes sire."

skittles, "now go, the light of day is upon us my messengers are unable to travel i want you to send your fastest elven messengers and get me answers as soon as you can... I must rest and prepare for moonlight once again.."

advisor, "yes sire, as you wish."

*skittles retires to to the commanders tent to draw a new stategy, talking to himself, "I swear if its the last thing i do ill exterminate every race that is not loyal to the vampire cause."

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