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Default War Again...

Flame stood up on the hill and looked down on all the destruction below her. As she growled softly to herself, she took a long slow lick of the blood off her hand and spit it out in disgust.

"Not clown blood, not Dire Faery blood and not ally
blood so who the HELL has dared to start war now!"

She looked back and noticed one of her wings still
had an arrow in it so she reached up in a rage,
pulled it out while cursing a carnie whore and
swearing revenge. Since she couldn't fly, then she'ld
have to ride.

Flame whistled loudly for her Dire Wolf mount, 420,
and when she saw him coming quickly towards her, she
tucked her wings in tight, ignoring the pain, and
readied herself to grab on as 420 ran by her.

420 turned sharply, making sure Flame was on his
back and headed back to Flame's Kingdom, where the
other wolves, Dire Faeries, elves and other creatures
had started to gather.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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