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A young male vampire quickly dashed around the corner and nearly crashed through a black door, that only a very few people were allowed to enter. Idly straightening his cloak, he knocked once and impatiently waited for a response.

A few seconds later, the door flung itself open, and revealed a dark room, lit only by purple candles that gave off the scent of tainted blood. The room, looked much like the inside of a cave, except that the walls had been smoothed down and the floor was soft, due to hundreds of vampire smoothing and laying down the black fur that was there today.

Sitting in the middle of the floor, was a woman with her eyes shut, surrounded by soft pillows and a bird. To be exact, a Phoenix which could only be the Vampire Queen's summon. "My Queen, Shadowbutterfly...", the vampire began,"I was out hunting, when something terrible happened. ShadowLord was in a fight with someone I've never seen nor heard of before, and a giant rift was opened. Both ShadowLord and the other disappeared through it."

The male waited for his queen to respond. "I felt it. However, I don't see why we need to get involved, after all ShadowLord has stated he can handle many things by himself." She didn?t even crack her eyes open.

He spoke up bravely, daring the wrath of his queen. "If anything, he would at least need some support. You have been to the other world, my Assassin Queen. You trained there, and the world has no affect on your magick. It does however on ShadowLord's, and I was just saying..."

Shadowbutterfly smiled, baring her fangs. "Yes I know you were, and that's really wonderful and all, but I seee it as nothing of grave importance. You are dismissed." She waved her hand and he bowed, leaving her at once to think, or do whatever she did.
The messenger?s words and opened her pale, white eyes. If he was correct and ShadowLord's magick was draining him faster than it would in this world, he may need her support. Just long enough until he found ways to bypass the magickal barriers. Sighing, she stood and walked to the back wall and chanted: Ubah duun uy crytuf.

The wall split and revealed a passage to the cliff edge, where Shadowbutterfly led her Phoenix too. She would ride the Phoenix to where ShadowLord had battled, and then make her decision as to whether or not she felt like helping him out. Sighing, she mounted Phoenix and took off at a fast pace, wondering silently who the unidentified person was.

In a few minutes, Phoenix landed and Shadowbutterfly jumped off. She raised an eyebrow and looked at the rift. Without turning to Phoenix, she merely said dismissed, and the bird disappeared in a great whoosh of fire. Studying the rift, Shadowbutterfly scaled a tree, and jumped straight into it.

A few seconds later, she hit the ground and studied her surroundings. Searching for ShadowLord?s scent, she instantly gagged when she picked up another?s along with his. She didn?t mind the stench of death, but the decay was terrible. Wrinkling her nose, she set off to find ShadowLord, her brother.