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Default Re: The Gathering of Hero's

blah bout time YOU started one hawkie ooo i'll do it, when i'm free anyway! i'll use a new character ^^ since the school blocks photobucket, i can't post a pic D:

Name: Alina
Age: 22
Race: Wood Elf (or just an elf...)
Hair color: White
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10 (hah my real height!)

Weapons: Black long bow w/ white arrows

Ability: Shapeshifting! (of course, you guys saw that one coming ^^)

History: A loner, Alina travels by herself most of the time. She likes to live in the mountains, or in the forests where she can breathe the cool breeze.

(Yay! A non-darkish character lol.)

Likes: Chocolate and Sleeping

Personality: Bi*chy and Sweet (all in one! )