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Default The Gathering of Hero's

i've seen a lack of stile and thought out role playing of late so im here to set things right.
starting with a new rp thread.

*Rules* im trying to keep things simple, so only one character and one sidekick, sidekick cant be as strong as the main hero,

no starting with godly/ungodly weppons.

no one hit kill moves or super spells or massive summons.

summons are allowed but they must be smaller than a hill giant.

items are allowed to be very powerfull, but are limmeted to 3 very powerfull, or 1 godly or ungodly weppon.
such items MUST be found later thrugh questing.

please post your profiles here, then wait for them to be approved. once approved your all set to adventure.

while i wait for posts i'll be working on the opening story, i hope you enjoy! 8-)