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Looking around to the new members and his sister, ShadowLord sighed "Oh boy this isn't going to be easy." He walked to sit under a tree to get everything into focus. After a few minutes, ShadowLord started to feel a pulsating sensation. "Gah, not again my energy still hasn't settled to this new dimension. Wait what is this feel-" ShadowLord started to feel a great strain on his body before he could finish the sentence. Suddenly he started to feel as if his entire being was going to rip from the inside out. He tried to stand up and as quickly as he got up he fell straight to the ground.

All at one moment all of ShadowLord's powers exploded within and transformed into unknown forms of his powers and some new versions of his original spells. Only time will tell what powers are within ShadowLord.

I am the protector of the balance between Good and Evil, keeper of Life and Death. I work from the shadows. I am the ShadowLord