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Swamp Shamblers, Vampires, Direwolves and even Kenders... Day after day different races invaded Kimmuriel's lands.
The dark elf had to relocate and rebuild almost daily.

When Kimmuriel had returned to the lands of Narmir, he was sure Narmir was ready for a new age. The time of bitter wars and mass destruction was over and the lands were ready for a more peaceful time. With most of the old powerful kingdoms gone, he expected the new leaders would listen to him, he even abandoned his old ally to show he was neutral, but for some reason the attacks never stopped.

Kimmuriel had sent countless messengers to skittles and thornfinger, until one night he realized the awful truth...
He had turned into that which he had always despised; an old commander talking about the good old days and trying to survive in the brutal world of Narmir simply by reputation alone.
In the past he had challenged these 'vets' and had often poked a hole in their air of invincibility and now it was this new guy thornfinger who was poking away.

And Kimmuriel couldn't even blame him, thornfinger had spent months training up his fighters and had a whole group of skilled commanders while Kimmuriel only had Smash with his group of trolls who could stand toe to toe with these seasoned fighters.
Why should he hold back, just because of some stories he heard about battles ages ago.

Kimmuriel shook his head, NO! no more holding back. No more diplomacy, anyone attacking Luctor et Emergo will get the fight they want and probably a bit more than that.

He knew his fighters still lacked in combat experience, but he would make up for it in other areas.
When he thought ahead of the death and destruction that would follow it brought a smile to his face.

A peacefull Narmir? no thanks..