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Flame kneeled at the base of her goddesses's statue. With her eyes closed and murmering
prayers softly to Aerdrie Faenya for success in her upcoming battles. She knew she
hadn't been at her best lately and only hoped the goddess would guide her. Suddenly there
was a loud crack and a hiss followed by the smell of smoke. Flame sighed to herself and
didn't even bother to turn around to look at the culprit.

"If you say anything about my ass being fat again Flame, I'm going to set yours on fire!"
she heard from behind her.

She couldn't help but giggle but seriously, a 100 foot dragon, DID have a fat ass, especially
compared to a little 4 foot Dire Faery after all and he HAD sat on her before...

"I would never say such a thing Quickz, now why have you decided to grace me with your
blueness in my santuary?"

"You must send some of your envoys to EastSport's kingdoms, I think they are gone. When
I was flying over them, I didn't see anyone and I mean not a soul, dead or alive. Also,
I've heard murmerings that Pixie has come back and that she is looking for you. You must
find her. You must also find out what Kimmuriel is doing. He looks to be getting ready for

"You talk too much for someone who refuses to join in on this war, you know that?"
Flame asked with exasperation heavy in her voice.

Quickz just laughed and blew smoke rings at her.

"Ok Smokey, that's enough of those. I have no idea what's up with Kimmurel, he left me,
I've put Andir in his place."

Quickz looked at her stunned. "Is that wise?"

"Is it not?", she asked, "Who better?"

"We shall see." Quickz muttered more to himself then anyone.

"I have already sent Aria and her contingent of Sentinnels to check on EastSport's lands
but I had not heard about my Pixie yet. She is now my #1 priority. Her knowledge and
magic just can't be allowed to fall in to that vampire's hands and worse, she can't be
allowed to be sullied by him, not MY Pixie."

Quickz grinned at Flame and then laughed.

"Always the possessive one...YOUR Pixie...YOUR Kimmuriel...YOUR blue dragon..."

"Ha ha ha, yeah and your fat ass!" and with that she took off straight out of the open


Next thing she saw was a fireball shoot past her head and she laughed. Maybe, just
maybe things would get better, afterall she thought as another fireball shot past her
almost catching her dress on fire.

Venit et Flamma sentio ...