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Bang hissed and snapped his fingers. A deep, black smoke formed around his body, distorting not just the image of the Ogre, but reality itself around him. The chaotic magic that birthed him pulled him through an ether of nonexistence until he stood in his throne room.

Though he faced his throne made of bones, he knew that his special ogres were behind him. How? Well, let's just say that he had much experience in knowing who was behind him.

"Gentlemens," the Ogre said pleasantly. "There be a war out there and stuff. Not one, single person offered to even tweak my nipples out on the battlefield. Ski-" looking around, the Ogre noticed he left his animal companion behind. "Damnit, Ong Bong, you didn't remind me to bring my friend!"

Ong Bong, a massive ogre with way too many teeth, put the back of his hand to his forehead and feigned half a faint. "I'm sorry, M'Lord. I'm ever so terribly clumsy like that, heehee."

Rolling his eyes, Bang waved it off. "I can't stay mad at you. You're just too damn cute." Cradling his chin between his forefinger and thumb, he pondered for a minute. "Say, fellas... we should go talk to people about what's happening and stuff. Maybe we can party!"

Giggles and clapping erupted in the throne room.

"Alright then, who do we talk to first?" Bang climbed his bone throne and removed an innappropriately shapped sword. "I hear there's a vampire out there causing troubles. Let's go find him and see what he can tell us."
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