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Flame watches Kimmuriel leave her throne room and summons Andir.

As Andir enters his mother's throne room he sees how
tired she looks. All she had really wanted to do was
rejoin The Flame and sleep but his sisters always
found a reason to make her stay.

"Yes Mother,"he said softly.

Flame turned slowly and looked at her beautiful son.
He was the only one that didn't have wings but that
didn't change his beauty any and actually helped him
in his specialty really. He could get in and out of
anything, much like his father. He kept his blazing
red hair long and braided in the Dire Faery way but
he had the aura of his father all over him.

Flame sighed again and walked towards her son. She
flexed her wings out of a nervous habit.

"Andir, Kimmuriel has left...he feels we should allow
this...vampire lord to march all over our people
without retribution. Azha' Rei has been hit and I
fear your sister Hex is not too far behind. We haven't
even heard from our allies thornfinger and EastSport
yet either. To make things worse, I have felt the
tremors of our oldest enemy, The Twisted Clowns,
coming to life again. Probably because of all the
bloodshed. There's even been sightings of Bang Bang
running around and I know not what his plans are!"
she exclaimed.

Andir looked at his mother in shock. No way could
Kimmuriel ever turn his back on her. She would follow
him in to hell and he had always thought he would do
the same.

"I will take his place Mother, it is time I prove
who I am. Wings or not, mixed blood or not, I am
still YOUR son."

Andir walked out of the room yelling for all Sentinnels,
generals and Queens to get their asses to the war room.
It was time to work.

Flame started laughing and thought to herself, "Poor
Kimmuriel, if only you could see."

Venit et Flamma sentio ...

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