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Originally Posted by Dovahkiin View Post
That can't be it because I play several java games elsewhere. I even run 3-4 at a time in separate tabs most days... And I have literally no issues.

No its something with THIS game,or its certificate. Maybe you guys could write a client to access the game directly? Like I said,I've done everything I could come up with on my end,trying multiple browsers (including an OLD version of Firefox,to bypass the java updates everyone seems to be blaming) white listing all variations of the webpages in java security,and nothing seems to work. Sucks not to be able to play as it came highly recommended to me,but I'm guessing it needs some work badly,as the above quoted error message references webTV users,and that set top equipment is not only something I don't nor have ever used,its been completely defunct for close to 20 years now.
Oh its oooooold. Its kept running for those that liked it and yes it needs a new client.